Goodbye to the 20% text limit in ads

ads copy creatives text limit Sep 29, 2020

Recently we had started to have customers asking us something like this: "how come Facebook has approved this company's ad (screenshot) if they have so much text in their ad? It takes up much more than 20% of the image and I've been turned down for much less".

This was a totally justified doubt since, at the end of the day, who hasn't been rejected or limited by Facebook for an ad due to excessive text? For the most part, those who have never run Facebook Ads campaigns.

Well, from now on we will start seeing ads with much more text and, of course, we can start experiencing the same thing in our own creatives. After so many years of repression, probably more than one will let off steam by creating text-only ads.

The point is that Facebook is dedicating September to getting rid of the 20% limit and although there has not yet been an official statement open to the public, some marketers had begun to receive notifications like this:


The fact that Facebook is removing the 20%...

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6 FB & IG Ads commonly Overlooked Mistakes ✋🏻☝🏻

ads mistakes Jun 24, 2020

While Facebook and Instagram Ads provide your product or service with a big, responsive audience, you have to avoid some of these classic mistakes when handling ads. 


Short Term Sight > Long Term Problems

Sometimes, an ad campaign is not sustained. Because the long haul is not considered, the ads come out shortsighted and may result in future inconsistencies. Sometimes it’s just that, shortsightedness. Most often it’s a superficial and impatient approach to doing ads.

A case we see very often: somebody not believing in ads and with zero skills decides to give it a try because he/she sees and hears everywhere about them and maybe is even in touch with people doing them properly. The person invests 1000-3000 euros in ads, sees no results, and go backs to the belief that ads don’t work or they are not for their business.

Having an unlimited ad budget and good intent is not what makes an ad campaign profitable. The only thing that budget guarantees...

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Facebook para B2B? 🤔

ads b2b facebook Mar 19, 2020

Según la prestigiosa Social Media Examiner, las plataformas más populares entre los profesionales de Marketing para hacer negocios B2B según el porcentaje de profesionales que usa cada plataforma son:

  1. Facebook - 91%
  2. LinkedIn - 80%
  3. Twitter - 67%

No es de extrañar que cuando se habla de B2B, Instagram no sea lo primero, segundo ni tercero que venga en mente. A pesar de tener más de un billón de usuarios activos al mes, está mucho más asociado con B2C y se queda muy por detrás del top 3 para B2B. Eso no quiere decir que tengamos que ignorar su uso para B2B por completo. En el Newsletter de la semana que viene hablaremos de como potenciar su uso de cara a empresas.

A lo que íbamos - en AdsAccelerator sospechamos que para muchos de vosotros va a ser una sorpresa que para B2B Facebook esté por delante de LinkedIn. Lo decimos porque hablamos con muchas empresas B2B y una de las respuestas más populares...

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Facebook for B2B? 🤔

ads b2b facebook Mar 19, 2020

According to the prestigious Social Media Examiner, the most popular platforms among Marketing professionals to do B2B business organized by use percentage are:

Facebook – 91%

LinkedIn - 80%

Twitter - 67%

It's no wonder that when it comes to B2B, Instagram isn't the first, second, or third thing that comes to mind. Despite having more than a billion active users a month, it is much more associated with B2C and lags far behind the top 3 for B2B. That doesn't mean we have to ignore its use for B2B entirely. In next week's Newsletter, we will talk about how to enhance its use for B2B.

Back to business - at AdsAccelerator we suspect that for many of you may be surprised by the fact that for B2B, Facebook is ahead of LinkedIn. We say this because we talk to many B2B companies and one of the most popular responses is “we are a B2B company, so we only use LinkedIn”. This experience has made us realize the great knowledge gap in the market, so we would like to take...

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Facebook stops it's ad placement implementation on WhatsApp ⛔

That Facebook has been thinking about using WhatsApp to set up new windows for ads for a while now, is not a secret. For those who have not yet heard the news, Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 for 22 billion dollars. Although considerable time has passed, the Facebook logo has begun to appear when WhatsApp started recently and if some of you wondered why now you know. Those who already knew about this transaction were probably asking the same question that we ask ourselves in AdsAccelerator: seeing the number of placements that have been mounted on Instagram, Messenger App and Facebook itself, as WhatsApp has not yet been addressed?

Apparently, there was very little left for it, so little that there was a team that was already creating prototypes. What happened? Facebook has decided to back down and not only has disassembled the team that was working on the implementation of ads on WhatsApp - they have eliminated the work that this team had done so far.

As a curious detail -...

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Facebook Stories Ad Placement

In some accounts Facebook Stories for Ad Placement is already available.

Facebook Stories was born last year to compete with Snapchat and Instagram Stories. It took Facebook 1,5 years to start adding Ads.

What do I need to have in mind?

  1. Facebook Stories Ads are only available for mobile devices.
  2. This feature is gradually being rolled out and may not be available to you at this time.

Here is the official guide

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