Facebook stops it's ad placement implementation on WhatsApp ⛔

That Facebook has been thinking about using WhatsApp to set up new windows for ads for a while now, is not a secret. For those who have not yet heard the news, Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 for 22 billion dollars. Although considerable time has passed, the Facebook logo has begun to appear when WhatsApp started recently and if some of you wondered why now you know. Those who already knew about this transaction were probably asking the same question that we ask ourselves in AdsAccelerator: seeing the number of placements that have been mounted on Instagram, Messenger App and Facebook itself, as WhatsApp has not yet been addressed?

Apparently, there was very little left for it, so little that there was a team that was already creating prototypes. What happened? Facebook has decided to back down and not only has disassembled the team that was working on the implementation of ads on WhatsApp - they have eliminated the work that this team had done so far.

As a curious detail - Facebook's desire to monetize WhatsApp is one of the things that influenced the progress of the creators of the famous App (Jan Koum and Brian Acton).

Despite this reversal, Facebook still intends to integrate ads in the ‘Status’ feature, so it’s only a matter of time. For now, what they have done is to focus on allowing companies to communicate more agilely with their customers. We at Ads Accelerator are very happy with this decision since all our customer support groups are on this platform.


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