Facebook Metrics that will be eliminated beginning October 2019

facebook ads Sep 13, 2019

Facebook announced that to improve their ad metrics, they are replacing several metrics with new ones that can provide more actionable information. In this post I explain in details what they will be so that you can take it into account.

October 2019
They will make several updates on the video metrics and main ads. They will remove the metrics related to the 10-second video views and rename other video metrics. They will also consolidate lead metrics.

  • Removal of 10-Second Video Views, Cost per 10-Second Video View and Unique 10-Second Video Views
  • Facebook will rename several of its video metrics to make the names clearer and more consistent. This update is just to rename the metric, there will be no changes in how these metrics are calculated.

  • Replacement of Leads (Form) metric with On-Facebook Leads channel breakdown within Leads metric

    Facebook will be removing the Leads (Form) metric, which currently exists outside of the Leads metric, in favor of an On-Facebook Leads channel breakdown within the Leads metric. The Leads metric will be omni-channel and include both on and off-Facebook leads.

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