Paid Advertising during a Crisis 馃毃

advertising crisis Mar 26, 2020

For all of you who are already doing FB Ads and you are noticing drops in your sales or increase in your CPAs, we have to understand that Facebook Ads is not something isolated from the rest of the world, so as part of the global economy, situations like Coronavirus can and will affect the performance of any business.

Those of us who manage FB and IG Ads accounts, our own or those of clients, is in the attention market and when there is something that "kidnaps" that attention as strongly as the Coronavirus, all sectors suffer, whatever we sell. The ones who have even more business right now, appreciate it and enjoy it.

Depending on the type of service or product that we offer, there are businesses that are noticing a rise in sales (info-products) and another that, on the contrary, are going through difficult times (retail, tourism).

Whatever we do, it is important not to expect our KPIs to be the same as they were a couple of months ago because nobody has enough budget to fight the coronavirus and its attention monopoly in all the media in the world. That said, the storm will pass, hopefully, sooner rather than later, and we will be able to go back step by step to normality.

Businesses that stop now 100% are going to have a problem when returning to normality, which is going to be very progressive and not happen overnight. For this reason, we share with you a series of recommendations that may be useful to continue advertising in these difficult times and to be prepared for when the situation improves:

Working brand image - maintaining branding campaigns rather than trying to convert aggressively is more important than ever. Take the opportunity to position yourself in the mind of your audience so that when the crisis ends, they will remember your business in a positive way.

Go digital - the most obvious of all, especially effective for consulting companies of any kind. Can you offer what you offered before without the client having to travel to get to you? A great example of this is consultations with doctors, who are now doing much of their work attending to their patients by phone and videoconferencing.

Communication style - not the best moment in history for an aggressive funnel with strong push strategies. Review your copies and make them more sensitive to the current situation.

Product launches - if it is a vital launch for the brand, study the feasibility of postponing it, because it is possible that the results won’t be the best possible.

Buyer persona - normally the products intended for clients with high purchasing power are the ones that best resist any crisis.

Give value - we live in a time of great social sensitivity and if your value proposition is not sensitive and adapted to the current situation, your brand may suffer the consequences.

As this is a new situation and one of great uncertainty, we advise taking precautions. It is time to rethink strategies and if your sales are suffering and your current campaigns are making you lose money - stop them, think about how you could contribute to your potential clients at the moment and make campaigns to work on your brand.



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