3 Methods to optimize your website

cro Jan 05, 2021

Do you know how it is to navigate your website from start to finish like the palm of your hand? Is it a website with a perfect and immaculate user experience? Does it have any weak points? Do you know them? Are you doing something to work on them?...

These are just some of the most important questions that a company with an online presence should constantly ask itself, but from experience, we know that it doesn't happen often.

What does happen often is that the person has made their own page and is so used to and proud of their work that they lose their capacity for objective criticism of their work to a great extent.

Fortunately, this is something that has a solution. Here are some of our favorite ones:

Spending a lot of time looking at and following world-class companies with a strong online presence, both on PC and mobile, especially on mobile. The more time you spend surrounded by quality, the more allergic you will become to a lower standard. We get used to the good things very quickly, so in this case, this very human characteristic plays in our favor.

Asking family and friends without encouraging them to give positive feedback. Let them make a purchase or test registration on your website and ask them later (important, later! do not condition them) "Hey, what didn't you like or seem clear enough or convenient?

The "but" in this method is that people who are not professionals, while they may tell you if something is wrong, may have difficulty explaining to you exactly what the problem is unless it is something as obvious as Pinocchio's nose.

Hire experts for analyses. Experts. The more expert points of view, the better. On the other hand, if there is a being so professional and so divinely good at this job that after a consultancy he will have given you the solution to all your problems, almost guaranteed that you will not be able to afford what he is going to charge for it. Nike can afford it, so it's not a bad idea to get inspired by Nike, which is free.

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