Digital Marketing’s Fantastic Four

If there is a general digital marketing checklist of must-have tools to attract new customers and maintain old ones, it’s this one. Here are four of the best ways to extend your online reach and presence.

By now you know all of these tools and maybe use some of them, or even all of them. If you’re not using some of the tools for yourself, maybe our point of view will influence you to change your mind. After all, we only deliver this because these things are at the core of what AdsAccelerator is right now and the same with many other businesses.

Good looking and professionally made website

Invest in a professional-looking website that provides necessary information about your company.

What do you do when you go to important business meetings with clients? You groom yourself to look like a million bucks. Imagine that you have to give a keynote in front of 100.000 people. You would probably try to look 10 million bucks.

So, what's the problem? In fact, there are 2 main problems here: one is the "Ostrich Effect" (just made it up to deliver my point) and the other one is just plain bad taste or low standards. This last one is self-explanatory, while the Ostrich Effect is thinking that there are no problems just because you can't see the live reaction of a person first coming to your website.

The way people perceive your business doesn’t change much. It’s premium, or it’s cheap. Of course, you want to convey a premium feel. 

There are very, very cheap ways to build good looking websites so if you can’t even “dress up properly” for the opportunity… are you sure you want to go to the party? If you’re on a budget, we recommend taking a look at

If you want to do it on your own, check website builders like Wix. Maybe you hate them a bit because you’ve seen too much of their ads on YouTube, but they’re OK. Also, once you’re done, ask feedback to your most critical friends. Please don’t ask your mom, she’ll tell you it’s amazing no matter what you do.

Email marketing campaigns

Ahh, Email campaigns, so underestimated, yet so powerful and relevant to the date (and probably forever). With them, you can establish and maintain relationships with clients. It’s a perfect way to stay in touch and not be forgotten into oblivion.

Emails that directly respond to their actions make clients feel special. For example, an automated email following a subscription or a purchase will make them feel more connected to you.

Setting up an automated email campaign is much, much easier, and faster than many people think. Basically, there are 2 big groups of emails: fixed and ongoing.

The fixed structure is something you create once and more or less forget about it later, like the funnel we use in AdsAccelerator. If you’re reading this means you’ve been through that funnel when you enrolled on our Webinar. Once it’s ready to go, you will be getting back to this email funnel to make some minor adjustments.

The ongoing emails are, for example, our weekly newsletters. We strive to make them always valuable for our subscribers so they have a reason to open the emails. This gives us also the opportunity to present new offers. If we only presented offers all the time, nobody would care probably. So, always, give first.

Facebook and Instagram ads (what? You thought we’re skipping these ones?)

If a good looking website and email marketing are the foundation of your digital business, Facebook and Instagram ads would be the fact that you’re building “the house” on planet earth and expect to be found by other human beings.

Some will say "hey, these are two different things" and we will say "it's a matter of perspective". Also, Fantastic Four sounded better than Fantastic Five (thanks to Marvel), so let's not spoil that. Back to business.

Let’s not forget that not everything here is paid advertising. A viral post that gets shared and reposted will gain you some free exposure. In any case, at the moment the paid way is the best way (when done properly). It’s so effective that many businesses get all of their traffic/customers just by using FB&IG ads, leaving poor Google on the bench.

In general, based on our client's feedback, we could say that 80% of the ad budget goes to FB&IG and leave the 20% to the rest of the channels (yes, Google is somewhere in there). If you’re curious, at AdsAccelerator we usually invest 95% of our ads budget in FB and IG, leaving the 5% between YouTube Ads and Google Ads. Customer acquisition costs are just so much better with FB&IG Ads.

Blog and Google SEO

A blog, when done properly, can be super powerful. Blog + SEO + Email Marketing combines great together and create amazing synergies. Why did we include Emails Marketing here? Easy – Do you remember the last time you actively accessed a website to read their blog? Aha! Thought so too. That’s a thing from the past, a rather rare happening. Nowadays most blog articles are read via email newsletters.

The first rule - the blog has to deliver value. If it does not, your readers will be pissed off because you wasted their time. The reason for that is pretty simple – informational overload.

If you want your customer to invest in whatever you’ve created some of his/her precious time, it better be good. There’s just too much information everywhere and most of it is crap. Create articles you would love to see and would enjoy reading yourself.

Also, don’t be the company that creates blogs only for SEO purposes, to appear higher on the Google ranking in order to be seen. If a person reads that keywords optimized mess (instead of value optimized) – we guarantee you they won't think too highly of you. 

Just remember - how many times you’ve asked Google for something and the quest takes you to a 1000 words article where you have to enter a scary dungeon full of useless and time-consuming trash until you find the gold? We bet that many, many times. It's a harsh reality because even if there was gold, most people won't shake off the sensation of having had to dig to find it. 

Incorporate a blog that focuses on a niche related to your business and products, something that your prospects and clients might be interested in. Make sure that everything that your blog delivers is well-written and informative. The quality of your content will persuade target consumers to keep on visiting your site. This will keep them updated about your product and service updates.

To better direct your target consumers towards your website, make use of SEO strategies. Good original content, seamless inclusion of keywords and key phrases, and catchy headlines are just how you can lead more readers to your site. Avoid black hat SEO as it will damage your reputation in the long run. Nobody wears black hats today.

That’s it! While your marketing strategies should not be limited to the above, these four should help you make great connections with target consumers online. 



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