Instagram Direct Campaigns Update!

We know, we've sent out an unusual amount of Newsletters this week, so let's get down to business with the next update.

If you're already advertising with Facebook Ads, you probably already know that you can create campaigns with the "Messages" objective, which optimize user-initiated chats with our business.

First, we could take interested users to Messenger and then to WhatsApp but... have you noticed that we can now take users to Instagram DM?

Once we select this campaign target, the Instagram Direct option will appear at the ad set level, where we can select it:

From here on, just select the right Instagram Account at the ad level:

As we mentioned this week, the imminent merger of Messenger and Instagram chat will make this option more relevant. Furthermore, the stronger our presence on Instagram, the more we will be interested in contacting our customers in the app.

We predict that when Instagram Direct will really explode it will be with the arrival of Instagram Shop in the medium/long term since we will be redirecting a potential customer directly to our store, where we will serve them and, in the best case, close a sale.

Without a doubt, we recommend you try out this new tool to see how your audience reacts, just as we recommend you take advantage of the 203 euro discount launch offer for our new Omnicanal Marketing program, which ends tomorrow night! Click here to access the Landing Page.



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