Instagram hiding likes on posts globally – Influencers nightmare

Instagram is interested in creating a less stressful environment for its users, at least for those who don’t take advantage of them like influencers, artists, businesses and so on. They’ve already tested it in countries like the United States, UK, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, and Italy.

Of course, the latter audience, those who depend in some way on their likes, have arisen their voices immediately to be heard in hopes Instagram listens and knows that they are not ok with that. Some celebrities have said that if there are no likes, they would just leave the platform. Others are saying that the biggest part of their business depends on likes in different ways and if that’s removed, so will be their primary income.

The idea is that the one who gives the like to a post will be able to see it but other people won't see how many likes that post has. Some studies have already confirmed that when likes are hidden, the likes that other users give to those posts lost 3 to 5% of likes they would have, were those likes not hidden from the user's view.

What’s very interesting is that it was not the case for every country where that was tested. In Japan, Influencers with 1k-5k and 100k-1m followers experienced a 6% boost in likes! Brazil, on the other hand, experienced the strongest of drops in likes – more than 28%.

Why? Nobody knows for certain… yet.

It seems that Instagram is really worried about the well being of its users, to the point that they are prepared to take on the hurt removing likes may do to their business because of all the people who live by those likes and that takes a lot of courage and commitment.

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