Michael Kors Success Story 馃憮馃殌

This is a success story not of Michael Kors as a company, but of the successful use they have given to Augmented Reality and their Lon aviator glasses, which has led them to increase their sales by up to 14%


In case anyone does not know Michael Kors yet, it is a luxury brand known worldwide. Established in 1981, they are dedicated to creating a wide range of products such as accessories, footwear, watches, portable technology, jewelry, ready-to-wear for men and women, glasses and a complete line of fragrance products.

The goal that has made them win prizes for the best ad was - Improve online sales of your aviator glasses while improving the digital shopping experience. They got it with spectacular results.

What was most decisive in such success?

The use of Augmented Reality ads where customers have been able to interact with their products. Basically, the ad allowed you to see how Michael Kors's glasses fit in a very simple and interactive way. By choosing the glasses that you liked the most, they offered you the possibility to make the purchase with several clicks in a very fast and intuitive way.

What else did they use?

  • Using video ads. There is nothing that works as well as a flashy video to attract attention today.
  • Selecting with microscopic precision the appropriate audience for each ad - one of the three most important pillars of a successful campaign. The other two are the ads themselves and then the rest.
  • Targeting your followers on Facebook and Instagram to make the most of what they already have
  • Creating Lookalike audiences to find similar clients to your best most active clients
  • Carrying out an in-depth analysis of your results for better decision making
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