The ideal frequency?

frequency Dec 22, 2020

"What is the ideal frequency" is one of the most popular questions in our support groups (being the frequency, the number of times a user sees our ad). There are two ways to answer this: the simplified way and the sophisticated way.

The sophisticated answer is that it depends on many factors, experimentation, and analysis. Books could be written about this and there are probably already some doctoral theses on the subject.

The simplified answer, and the one that is probably sufficient for more than 99% of the companies, is a frequency of 1 in prospecting campaigns and 3 - 6 in retargeting campaigns. That's it.

The perceptive mind comes up with the following question "but this frequency is per day, per week, per month or..." - 7 days. That is, a frequency of 1 is when 1 person has seen the ad 1 time during the last 7 days.

Having said that, considerations to be taken into account:

1. "To prospecting what is prospecting's and to retargeting what is retargeting's"
AdsAccelerator, 2020 A.D.

We recommend keeping the retargeting audience prospecting campaigns clean. How do we do this? By excluding people who have visited our website or interacted with our social networks. We can exclude web visitors from the last 30 days... or 180 days if we are very purist.

2. Whenever general recommendations are given, it should be noted that there are exceptions and deviations. Yes, we say a frequency of up to 6, but it is not the same as a company appearing 6 times in a Storie, occupying the whole screen, as the same company appearing 6 times in the right column of Facebook.

3. We present you also an infallible method to realize if we are having a too high frequency > read the comments of our ads. Are they full of love... or otherwise? If it's the latter, changes have to be made.

4. It is not the same frequency 6 with an ad that has been running for 2 years, as one that has been running for 1 month. You get the idea why, don't you? Also, the more often you refresh your creatives, the more you prevent people from getting tired or ignoring your ads completely.

5. Watch out for frequency if you live in a small town or city. Depending on the population and the CPM, you can impact every inhabitant with laughable budgets, so don't make your neighbors tired of seeing your business!

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