Always have a Plan B 鉀戯笍

business manager Apr 05, 2020

Are you planning to create a Business Manager or you have already one that's fully operational? Having an insurance or plan B is always good since when unforeseen events happen (and they do happen) you can avoid many headaches and lessen possible damages. So, whatever is your case, if you have not yet done what we are going to recommend in this article, do it as soon as you can (it’s for free).

Being able to use Facebook Ads is a technological blessing. Its advantages can give us many joys, but we must not forget that it is a platform that lets us work based on its rules and those rules affect everyone equally. What are we talking about? About Facebook's ad policy and the repercussions of not following them.

Although there are people who see the Facebook ad policy as a problem, we believe that it is a benefit since its goals are to maintain the health of their platform with quality ads. If we want to be advertising for a long time and taking advantage of Facebook Ads, complying with its rules is something that benefits us.

In order to maintain a healthy environment, Facebook has to control every ad that is published and since the volume of publications is enormous, it is a task that, if carried out by people, the Facebook business model would not be feasible and probably we would have no Facebook ads. Ad checks are done by the Facebook system and while it's a technical marvel, it's not perfect. If the system interprets that we are violating their policy, it can end up blocking accounts.

What's the problem? That, in some cases, the system may end up blocking the Business Manager of the responsible person even there the policy violation was very small and arguable inexistent. It is a possibility that is always there and can affect both the novice and the most expert of us.

Aside from being very careful and respectful of Facebook's policy and following its rules, what else can we do? The answer is -> Create security Business Manager accounts. We explain it with an example with the fictional character Donald:

Donald has a business that he wants to promote with Facebook Ads and creates a Business Manager. Within that Business Manager, the adds the business page and create an ad account for the business, as well as assign a Pixel. To prevent the business from being totally stopped in the event that Facebook blocks Donald, he, instead of using his original account, creates another alternative Business Manager and from there he requests access to his original one to be able to manage the ad account of the business. This way, in the worst-case scenario, if Donald's secondary profile was blocked, he could always continue managing his business from the original Business Manager or, as we recommend, create a new security account.

For this to work, we recommend using Facebook profiles of extremely trustworthy and close people as a secondary Business Manager, since if Facebook detects that the secondary profile belongs to Donald too, they can also block it.

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