Bye bye dear IGTV button, we won't miss you 馃憢馃徎

igtv instagram Feb 28, 2020

Have you noticed that the IGTV button has been missing for some time now? Do you know why it has disappeared? Do you know if it will come back? Do you miss it? Next, we will answer some of these questions.

If you are a person in a hurry, we will make it easy for you since we do not want anyone to read more than strictly necessary against their will (intrigue is a very powerful thing) - Instagram has said goodbye to the IGTV button because users barely used it and no, it doesn't seem like it’s coming back. End of the mystery. You're free. For those who want a little more elaboration on the subject, you can continue reading.

Of course, the goodbye of the IGTV button does not mean the goodbye of the IGVT itself. What was happening is that those who visited it, did it through the links of the main Feed, through the Explore Feed and directly through the profile of the content creators. Moreover, IGVT has (still) a dedicated App but the chances that you are one of the approximately 99.65% people who do not have it installed are, as you can deduce, very high.

In short, IGTV itself is not a very popular feature. Therefore, the undisputed champion of long video content is, and probably will be for a long time (maybe forever?), YouTube.


Subtly changing the subject - how many times have you read news from the Newsletter without playing the video that appears just below? Better late than never!

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