Constancy matters and impacts our sales 💰 = ❗

Have you ever noticed how pleasant it is to visualize most of the popular Instagram accounts? Can you say the same of all accounts? Probably not. Why do you think something like this happens? There are many reasons. Probably the most important among them are the design, the consistency of the design, the thematic consistency of the content and, above all, the quality of the content.

Design matters and, therefore, has a great impact on the results of our Instagram account. It's, basically, like our face in front of other people. If we are creating posts randomly, that means we do not follow a structure and a general design beyond the design of the post itself, which is also super important.

Making drastic leaps from one style to another and doing it too often will not suit our audience. You may not even understand why, but you will feel that something is wrong. Imagine that you know someone who dresses very formal and the next day, surprise – he/she is going gothic style. Once is ok, especially if the change feels good on the other person, but if this happens every few days, we will begin to ask ourselves if everything is fine with this person since it seems it’s a bit unstable. Well, something like this happens with our Instagram account. If Instagram is part of our business and, therefore, part of our livelihood, it is better to take it very, very seriously and think carefully about how our public will react to everything we create and the way we present it.

About content. Imagine that you have started to follow a company or person because you like to use Instagram for business and this person or business explains this type of content very well so you try to read whenever you can his/her new posts. Imagine that he/she suddenly takes out a post where talking about plant flora on a remote island near the north pole or something else that doesn't interest you at all. The question that we will ask ourselves will probably ‘’what the…., what is this about?’’. Ok, the example is very exaggerated, but it helps to illustrate that changing the theme of the content we are accustomed to our audience is not a good idea except for very specific cases. For example, showing support for the fire in Australia can have a positive impact.

Therefore, we recommend raising our awareness about how our audience can react to our posts. Wondering how we would react in this or another case is a good idea. Asking others is even better.

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