How to use FB Ads for Upsell & Cross-sell + Set up

facebook Jul 18, 2019

Let's talk about the last layer in our funnel: after a person has finally made a purchase we want to increase the loyalty and offer options such as: Upsell & Cross-Sell. This is how we do it. 

Upsell: is used to encourage a customer to move from considering one item within a product category to another that would have higher profitability. For example: I am in an Apple Store and I want to buy an iPhone 6 and they offer me the iPhone 10 and they convinced me to make the purchase.

Cross-sell: When someone purchases an item from one product set of items, you can cross-sell related items from another product set. For example: I am in an Apple Store and they convinced me to purchase a related product to my iPhone, like AirPods.  

Upsell or Cross-sell campaigns with FB Dynamic Ads

When you Upsell or Cross-sell products with Dynamic Ads, Facebook automatically selects relevant items from the product set you choose to show in ads. For example, if customers frequently purchase earrings and chains together, Facebook learns to cross-sell chains whenever a earring is sold.

Set up

  1. You'll need to create two product sets: 
    1. Product set for retargeting.
    2. Product set to determine the products that are included.
  2. Go to ad creation.
  3.  Choose Catalog Sales as your objective - Campaign level. 
  4. Choose the catalog you want to promote - Campaign level.
  5. Select the product set you want to show in the Products section - Ad set level.
  6. Scroll to the Audience section, and then choose either Upsell Products or Cross-Sell Products.
  7. Add a look-back window for product views.
  8. Select the product set being used for retargeting.
  9. Thats it. Now you can finish creating your dynamic ad. Very easy, right?

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