Facebook is trying to entice Creators with new options to make money

facebook Jul 11, 2019

Facebook has announced that it is introducing more ways for the Creators to earn money on its site, starting by giving them the ability to choose better placement for ads in their videos. Facebook says that creators will now have the choice to include non-interruptive advertising formats, such as pre-roll or image-based ads. 

Facebook Stars

Facebook is testing Stars a new feature that was originally designed for the gaming community to let creators make money directly from their hardcore fans. Viewers can purchase packs of 100 Stars for $1.40, and streamers will get 1 cent per Star sent. 

Facebook is also analyzing how much the creators of their followers earn through their direct payments. The company’s “Fan subscriptions” program lets viewers pay creators each month for exclusive content and other rewards. This is an option very similar to the start-up Patreon, which lets an individual collect payments from fans.

Brand Collab Managers

Facebook is giving creators new tools to better track and manage their audience engagement. Facebook announced that it is updating a lot their back-end tools to facilitate the management of pages and profiles. For example, there is now an updated Brand Collabs Manager that allows creators to better manage audience participation and improve ad targeting, and the Creator Studio, a panel/dashboard for admins to track page metrics.

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