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Did you know that now you can see and control the data that Apps and Websites share with Facebook

Uncategorized Aug 29, 2019

With Off-Facebook Activity, you can see and control the data that other apps and websites share with Facebook. You can:

  • See a summary of the information other apps and websites have sent Facebook through our online business tools, like Facebook Pixel or Facebook Login.
  • Disconnect this information from your account if you want
  • Choose to disconnect future off-Facebook activity from your account. You can do this for all of your off-Facebook activity, or just for specific apps and websites.

Now you can Clear Your Off-Facebook Activity

If you clear your off-Facebook activity, Facebook will remove your  information from the data that apps and websites choose to send to them.

* Facebook is implementing this option gradually, for now it is only available to people in Ireland, South Korea and Spain.


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