Facebook Pay, Instagram Post Ads and Events Monetization

We present to you 3 of the new features on Facebook in the last 2 months that have attracted our attention most. These are very specific things that do not require whole separate articles to be explained, so we have prepared a summary for you. In case you are interested in going deeper, we provide links to the original article on Facebook.


Using Instagram Feed and Stories as ads

One of the most popular tactics of Patrick's Facebook and Instagram Masterclass was to get hundreds or thousands of "likes", "shares" and "comments" in our ad. In short, the idea was to create an organic post, use it as an ad in an engagement campaign, and then use the same post in a conversion campaign.

This was a tactic that we can only implement with our Facebook posts, but thanks to the recent Facebook update, we can now do the same with our Instagram Feed and Stories posts! The path to choosing our Instagram publication is the same as for our Facebook publication.

Instead of "Create Ad", we select "Use Existing Post"


Click on "Select Post"


And here it is, just to the right of the "Facebook Page" option


So if you have Instagram posts that have worked especially well for you, you can give them more visibility and use them as ads. We know that not everyone has this option available, but it's only a matter of time. To read the official Facebook link, click here.


Facebook Pay 

Facebook has started to gradually implement Facebook Pay all over the world. This tool will allow us to make payments on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Currently, other than the USA and Thailand, it is only available for payments on Facebook, so don't waste time trying to find this option on the rest of the apps.

For some reason, it is really difficult to find out online how to set up this payment method and Facebook has thought it appropriate to skip the explanation. Once you know, It is as simple as going to your Facebook profile > Settings and Privacy > Facebook Pay, which should appear at the bottom left:


Once inside, you can clearly see where you can add your credit/debit card or PayPal account:


And now the million-dollar question: what do I purchase with this? According to Facebook and the 99% of articles on Google that have recycled their news over and over and haven't even bothered to try out the tool, you can "make purchases at the Marketplace, donate to causes and NGOs, buy games, event tickets and premium content on Facebook Watch".

What happens in reality? That you will hardly find places to use this payment method since either you don't know them, or you don't use them (ahem, Facebook Watch) or the possibility to offer the purchase/transaction is not even implemented by Facebook yet, which has made everything related to Facebook Pay very confusing right now.

The only utility with which we are going to be able to start using Facebook Pay (again, in a very gradual way) is for events promoted within the platform, a topic that we will proceed to touch on next.

In short, although Facebook Pay has a huge potential and future, that future has not yet arrived. To read the official Facebook article, click here.


Monetize Facebook events, on Facebook

Facebook has started to implement the possibility of charging for the events we are going to create on the platform itself. How are they going to do it? As always - gradually, very gradually, and with many requirements. Despite this, it is great news for any professional who offers a service.

The process is really simple: you create an event, you set a price, you promote the event with advertising campaigns, you check out and you make the event. The need for this tool has increased dramatically since COVID-19, so it is absolutely welcome for the hundreds of thousands of small businesses that can offer a service remotely.


To read the official Facebook link, click on the banner above.



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