Facebook introducing Threads

It is Stand-Alone Messaging App for Instagram that helps users to stay connected to their close friends.

Developers saw a special need for users to stay more connected throughout the day with a small circle of friends and family, so users can communicate with them their everyday activity, share more intimate moments and feelings through photos and video. That’s why they decided to develop Threads – a new way to communicate with friends and family in a dedicated, more private space.

 “Threads is a standalone app designed with privacy, speed, and your connection in mind”. Users can share different kind of content: photos, videos, messages, Stories and much more with their Instagram close friends and family list. They also can customise the experience around their closest people, controlling the process of reach on Threads.

Message to Close Friends

As we remember, Instagram launched “Close Friends” feature last year, to share most important moments with a chosen group of people. Now, with this additional app Threads, Instagram helps to create more deep conversational line with people who matter the most – users will have a dedicated inbox and notifications just for those chosen group of people from the list. They will be able create the list directly from Threads, after downloading the app.

Instant share of Photos and Videos

Threads gives users a fast way to share photos and videos with closest people on Instagram. It opens directly with the camera and allows users to add shortcuts to share the content with just two clicks.

Friends Status

Users can choose from several suggested statuses, create their own or turn on Auto Status. They will control whether to share the status or not, and with whom. Here it is the link to privacy and Threads.

Instagram Direct & Threads

Messages from users’ close friends can be seen both in Threads and Instagram Direct, so it will be easy to choose how to communicate through the messages.

As Robby Stein, director of product, Instagram, says: “We hope that Threads can bring you a little closer to the people you care about”.

Threads is already available for download globally on iOS and Android.

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