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facebook shops May 25, 2020

Facebook has launched Facebook Shops, an online store within FB and IG that will allow businesses of all sizes to offer their products directly on Facebook and Instagram Apps so that customers can complete the purchasing journey in only once place.

Beyond the quality and competitiveness of the product or service we offer as a business, beyond the quality of our ads and our technical ability to make efficient and effective advertising campaigns from the Facebook Ads Manager, do you know what are the two elements that have the biggest impact on a sale? Here they go:

  1. The Customer Journey from the moment people see our ad until they make the purchase. The shorter, faster, more pleasant, fluid, and intuitive this journey is, the more customers will reach and complete the final step of our funnel, the purchase.
  2. The online Placement of our business (1 of the 4 P - product, price, placement, promotion). In the offline world, we would be talking about our physical store. Not only how well positioned it is to attract customers who pass by, but also how pleasant it is to the 5 senses.

Having these two things in place requires good taste and a lot of work. It should be noted that many of us are willing to put in as much work as we can, but good taste is somewhat more difficult to acquire or outsource.

Now imagine a shopping experience in which the customer does not even have to leave the place they see the ad in and can make the purchase on an extremely intuitive and optimized platform. Imagine also that this tool is free for any company, big or small.

Well, this is what is on the way to achieving Facebook Shops and that is why it is such an important novelty - buying and selling online is going to be easier than ever since it skips the intermediate steps: Web and Landing Page.

Users will be able to find our online store on Facebook Shops on our Facebook business page or Instagram profile. They can also access it through our Stories or ads.

Once inside, they'll be able to browse through our products and make the purchase without leaving the app. There will even be a loyalty program to reward loyal customers.

Will Facebook Shops dethrone the eCommerce website and the landing page? Today, surely not, since it still has a lot of work to be fully operational. The biggest step that is pending to take - to allow the purchase to be completed from Facebook and Instagram, regardless of the country we are in. Right now it is only possible to complete the process from 0 to 100 on Instagram in the United States.

For those who were wondering "what is the next big thing" - that is, this is the next big step in the online shopping experience.

From AdsAccelerator, we recommend you keep an eye on this new tool and start using it right away, to be able to be the pioneers for when Facebook Shops is completely finished.

Similarly, we recommend you read the original Facebook article on the subject (in English). You can access it by clicking here.



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