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Facebook is very interested in that any company or freelance that offers products or services advertising them on their platforms.

Every owner of a business that survives or thrives in a competitive market knows how important it is for their target audience to know about their product or service. If people don’t know you and you do not position yourself in the right place so that they get to know you, you are not going to sell anything unless your product/service is so good or game-changing that it needs no publicity.

If most businesses would benefit from using Facebook Ads locally or nationally level because of how efficient and effective it can be compared to traditional methods, why not everyone is jumping on board?

If we had to choose the perfect words for it, it would undoubtedly be “lack of knowledge”, either of the existence of Facebook Ads and its usefulness or the use of the tool itself.

What usually happens to "the brave" who do make the jump and create a Business Manager and enter the Ad Manager for the first time? Some panic and flee, while others persist in the face of the unknown and the apparent complexity.

At Facebook, they know this perfectly, and they strive continuously to lower this entry barrier. What have been the fruits of these efforts so far?

  • Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) - completely eliminates the need to have to calculate and decide on a daily basis how to distribute our budget among the available ad sets in a way that the best one is the one that is always “most fed” with money.

  • Dynamic Creatives - postpones the need to do A / B tests to find the most successful creative elements for your audience until we have a more advanced level. Why do we say it postpones? Because Dynamic Content doesn't eliminate the need for A / B tests, which are still crucial in finding the best possible combination of creative ad elements, it just makes it easier to get better results in the early stages of our Facebook Ads adventures because just like Dynamic Product Ads, it shows people the creative elements Facebook thinks will attract them the most.

The latest to join this "Starter Toolkit" that makes life easier for new users has been:

  • Experiments - the true success of any advertising campaign is having carried out many A / B tests of all kinds (creative elements, audiences, campaign structures, etc.). In the program, we talk about their importance and how to do them manually. Similar to Dynamic Content, although doing A / B tests manually allows you to have more control and make more precise analysis, the Experiments tool greatly facilitates the work for users who do not need to delve as deeply into Facebook Ads in its initial phase. You can find more details about it in a short and concise official Facebook article by clicking here.



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