5 Instagram Marketing Tips for New Business

instagram tips Nov 12, 2018

As we recently shared in this Blog, Instagram reached over a billion of users in June 2018. (source->statista.com)

In addition, is also said that almost 100 million of photos are daily shared on Instagram.

For all these and other well known reasons, marketers should have Instagram in their plans. If you are creating a startup or just creating for the first time the Instagram profile for a business, you need to have in mind at least these 5 tips:

1.Create a great, killer, awesome Instagram profile

This is even more important for small companies and Startups. Include the elements that describes better what you are offering. Think about this area as your Elevator Speech.

When posting pictures/videos, think about how they will look like on your board. Try to have as much cohesion as possible when posting.

2. Use Instagram Stories

Nowadays Facebook is highlighting that Instagram Stories is the placement where users spend more time. When thinking on Instagram Stories... think more about video rather than pictures.

3. Run Contests

Running contests is one of the best and "free" ways to gain more fans, engagement and even generate sales. You can even promote a bit your post to boost it more.

Hereby a great example from Starbucks:

The WhiteCupContest:

4. Cobranding

Create campaigns with other complementary brands. For example, if you're a company selling watches, partner with a brand selling bracelets or rings.

5. Use of Hashtags

Use it like Starbucks (part of a campaign) but also as an ongoing to do when posting for organic. This will help potential followers/customers to find your brand easily.

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