¡It’s time… to go Pro! 😎💃🏻🕺🏻


''Go Pro how?'' you’ll wonder – well, professional experimenter of the latest video editing tricks thanks to never-ending new apps! What does good experimentation professionals do? They are on the lookout for the latest crazy stuff that programmers create to make your videos more original, striking and interesting. Requirements: throw perfectionism overboard. Do you see something new? Experiment with it right away. That it looks "perfect" is not a priority. What we want is to surprise our subscribers. Position yourself in the mind of your followers as "the one always trying out and surprising with new things". Create a trend among your followers!

Now seriously. In recent years, the number of stuffs you can do to animate your videos is growing at a dizzying pace. It's amazing, you separate from Instagram one night to get some sleep and the next day BUM, you must spend days reviewing all the new updates. Stickers, Gifs, coloring tools and Augmented Reality is on steroids right now, and you must jump on that train, or that wave, whatever you like best.

It's insane how all these things attract the attention of our brains. We are programmed to devote more attention and mental energy to the new, to what we have not seen before, to what surprises us. Therefore, surprise your followers using these tools. Explore your creativity, try everything you can think of. If there is something new, be the first to try it in your next video. You do not need to get a computer - with several clicks of mobile to spare. There are no excuses! Only glory for the first to step on unknown lands of Instagram Stories and much remains to be explored!


That’s it (for now). Did you like it? What did you like most? Please let us know your thoughts so we can improve the content we share with you. We read and answer 100% of the emails we get!

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