FB's influencers tool is here 😱😱😱 !!!

influencer tool Dec 31, 2019

What better way to grow your brand and your audience than using proven and dedicated influencers to the niche that interests you most for your product or service? Facebook knows the enormous impact this can have on your business and they want to make it easy for us with an internal tool that they have created with the purpose of finding and collaborating with the creators that best suit us depending on their audience.

The procedure for applying to this new tool is very simple: it requires, literally, 4 clicks and typing your email. The first click must be made on the banner where it says ’Apply as an Advertiser’, which you can access through this link: https://m.facebook.com/collabsmanager/start/brand/

The tool will allow us to filter Influencers until we find the ones that best suit what we are looking for. There will also be the possibility of creating an offer for the Influencers to look for us: 

When an influencer creates a post with our product or service, we will be able to see its analytic and track its performance.

In addition, the influencer can give us access to your audience so that we can target you by promoting our product or service posts. All this can be done with a few clicks and without authorizations or permissions from the influencer's account:

Keep in mind that, while it is a giant step towards what will probably be one of our most powerful promotional weapons, these are its first steps. Technical problems and overloaded customer service are guaranteed so be patient. The important thing is to be the first ones on board and learn and adapt before our competitors do.

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