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Using influencers to promote your product can be a very powerful promotional tool, but it is not a magic pill but an additional advertising channel to add to your 'Omnichannel' arsenal with Facebook, YouTube, Google, both organic and paid. Just like in all these channels, you must know very, very well what to do, how to do it, with whom and when. Apart from how good we are in this regard, there is another very important factor - transparency, something that is guaranteed with the Paid Partnership tag.

When you see a post on Instagram that has Paid Partnership on it, it means that the product the product is being purposefully promoted with commercial interests. Simply said - they are selling you something of the of X brand because that brand and the influencer have reached an agreement to make collaborations of this type. They may be rewarded money for it, getting free products or services, special discounts ... in short, they get something in return.

Before this type of content could only be seen in the account of the person who has made the posts, but thanks to the Paid Partnership tool, the brands that pay the person who has posted can also use that post in their own account.

This is a very practical tool not only for companies but for users. Why? Instagram has been carrying out changes in its company policy and wants to promote transparency and good practices on its platform. Obviously, that means they don’t want anyone to be messing with their users by making them believe that the influencer who is promoting X product does it in a 100% altruistic way and with nothing to gain for it, when its not like that.

A very interesting fact: when Instagram introduced the changes in its transparency policy and had not yet gotten tough with the implementation, it is 'known' that more than 90% of celebrities and influencers were violating this policy, not mentioning anywhere that the Promotion that they were carrying out for a particular product had commercial purposes.

Of course, in Ads Accelerator, we always recommend going with honesty and transparency ahead. Customers notice this, they appreciate it, and this ends up generating a very positive impact on the business.


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