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instagram shopping Apr 11, 2020

Do you have an eCommerce for physical products, and you are not yet on Instagram Shopping? If you are already "inside" or at least you’ve sent your application to be able to use it, perfect. If you haven't already, what are you waiting for? The application process is no big deal and at least worth a try.

What is the appeal of Instagram Shopping? The answer is very simple: the distance between the customer being impacted by your ad until they can make the purchase is very, very short. The shorter this distance is the more sales you’ll have. This is like a universal law, and it not only affects IG shopping but also any purchase process whether online or offline - the less the customer has to move to make a purchase and the more convenient it is for them to make a purchase, the better.

Some will think “why bother? It’s just a few seconds and clicks to get to my page and complete the purchase” and we will agree – it’s only a few seconds and one or two additional clicks to make the same operation. The problem is that these seconds and these other clicks can make the difference between selling what you currently sell and doubling your figures.

This is especially so with compulsory purchasing products that cost around 20 euros. We are also assuming that the product fulfills its function and has a competitive price since, if these two things are not in place, ads and funnels won’t help.

For those interested, click here to see IG Shopping requirements.



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