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How to use FB Lead Ads form to make an appointment

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2019

Did you know that you can use the Facebook Leads Ads form so that users can make their appointment directly? Adding this type of question to your form improves the user experience and also allows you to generate higher quality leads.

Adding a date / time preference question on your potential customers form can increase the quality of your leads. This question allows people to enter a date / time preference for when they want to participate with you.

This information not only increases the flexibility you have to act with these contacts, but also provides a better experience for the client. By knowing the date / time preference of a potential customer, you can follow up on the requested time window or send a potential customer to the correct person on your team.

You can do the set up directly from Ads Manager, creating a lead ad. When you get to the Custom Question (Optional) section, click + Add Custom Question.

Create a question that prompts people to send you their appointment booking preferences, such as “When do you want to visit our store?”. Including this custom question will populate a calendar option for people to enter a date and time in their response.

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