New Apple Privacy + FB Ads = ¿?

Uncategorized Dec 29, 2020

What do you do when you come across a prompt that lets you choose whether you want some of your information used to show you personalized advertising? Do you say no for privacy reasons, or do you say yes because, knowing that there is no escape from ads, you prefer them to be at least relevant to you?

There's been a bit of a stir about this in the last few weeks. Someone (ahem, Facebook) has been spreading the word through various articles that Apple, (sarcasm mode on) "in its eagerness to hurt small businesses" is going to limit its ability to advertise to iPhone owners.

It should be noted that Facebook defends and pursues its interests 100% with everything it posts. For this time they have thought it convenient to use an alarmist tone, hoping that companies will complain to Apple, but as a consequence, they have scared some people who are happy with FB Ads.

We want to use this article to shed light on the matter as much as possible.

What exactly has Apple decided to do? On their mobiles, from IOS 14 onwards, if you go into an application that collects data about what you do when you're in, you are going to see a prompt notifying you about it. You will have two options: allow or reject.

That is, if we have an iPhone with IOS 14 and we enter the Facebook or Instagram app, we may already have seen this notification. If we allow the data to be collected, everything will remain as usual. If we say no... something will change. To what extent, remains to be known.

Facebook does not know exactly what will happen since Apple has not been transparent about it. Later on, once we've experienced what really happens, we'll come back with more conclusive information.

What is clear is that this will affect what happens inside the App and not when the user clicks on an ad and goes to our website.

Above all, there is no reason to be alarmed. Three why's:

  1. 80% of users use Android, leaving IOS with 20%
  2. Of the 20% of IOS users, we will still be able to collect data from those who agree to have their data collected
  3. Of those who don't agree, it is very likely that some information will still be collected and that Facebook and Apple will come to some compromise... or that Facebook will find a way to bypass Apple's imposition.

In the absence of knowing to what extent, this is what will be affected by IOS users from option 3:

  • Our ability to retarget users who have interacted with our business
  • Attributions of conversions and other analytical data
  • Targeting the right audience
  • Control of the frequency with which we impact our ads
  • Overall Facebook algorithm optimization capability

And that's all for our last article of 2020. Thank you very much for following our Newsletter closely during this year! We will continue to provide as much value as possible for the next one.

Happy holidays!

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