New and updated tools for businesses ⛏🛠🔧

With the growing number of businesses using Instagram, the need for Instagram tools that facilitate and optimize the daily management of our account also grows. Instagram presents the following news to make the job easier:

Growth insights: you can see the posts and the Stories that are generating more followers. In addition, you can see the evolution and changes day by day or week by week.

Stories about you: you will be able to visualize all the Stories mentioned in the last 24 hours on the same site. Very practical when tracking.

Age restriction: you can restrict the minimum age of people who can see your profile and content. You can make the global restriction or according to countries since each country may have different laws regarding the minimum age according to the type of content you generate.

Sample flexible profile information: you can regulate whether or not to show contact information and addresses of your business, in addition to the business category, with a few simple clicks.

Secondary message tray: since not every message has the same priority, you will now have a secondary tray to organize your messages according to the importance they have for you.

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