3 Tips to optimize your videos for mobile

facebook Aug 01, 2019

According to a study published recently by Facebook we can say that people’s eyes fixated longer on video ad assets compared to static assets. What does this mean for us? That videos are currently a very important resource for capturing attention and drive brand awareness as well as conversions.

So in this post I will give you 3 tips to optimize your videos for mobile. Here we go:

1. Adapt your video for the mobile screen (vertical)
It is important that you create video ads in 9:16 format so you can take advantage of the vertical screen space. You can make use of the "Automatic cropping tool" in Ads Manager.

2. Trim your video to match consumption behavior on mobile

If you have videos that exceed 60 seconds, such as a video about product demo or how-to video, I recommend that you make a short version with the most important with a duration of 10 - 15 seconds. Also, when you shorten your video be sure your brand or business message is prominent at the beginning and / or end of the video
This will allow you on the one hand to optimize your video for how people interact with the content currently on their phones, but it will also allow you to make your video ads are eligible for placements such as in-stream.
A very easy and simple way to do this is to use the "Video triming tool" directly from your Ads Manager.

3. Consider your video with the sound on and off
People interact with your video at different times of the day and in different situations, so sometimes they have the opportunity to see it with sound and others without. That's why I recommend that you create assets that work with sound on and off.
If for example you have a video in which sound is important because you are communicating an important message, you can use the "Video Creation Kit" tool with which you can add subtitles and you can layer text assets on your video.

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