Helping turn Passion into Profession 馃挌>馃挵

More and more people are turning their passion into a profession because they manage to monetize it through branded content. That is, content creation related to a brand.

That content creators and brands are part of the Instagram core is not a secret. The chances that we already know at least one person who takes advantage of his Instagram in any way to make more money than he would without it, are biggest than ever. Facebook wants to empower and help that core audience and does so with its Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager.

It is a tool that was previously only available for Facebook. Basically, it serves to help, on the one hand, content creators and, on the other hand, brands, to meet and collaborate in a more comfortable and practical way. It also allows brands not only to look for content creators but also for other brands with which they can create positive synergies. They can search for new collaboration offers, manage existing collaborations and share information and ideas in a very simple way within the Brand Collabs Manager itself.

Brands will be able to see Insights both in Brand Collabs Manager and in their own Instagram account every time they are tagged in content linked to them.

Brand content that promotes products such as tobacco and weapons will not be allowed and from now on Instagram will be more active with the censorship of posts that do not comply with their company policy. Alcohol-related products and dietary supplements will have special restrictions.

Instagram is also working on tools that allow brands to control and restrict who can see or not their content.

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