Hot news from Instagram: product launch reminders is now in live testing period for brands in US

Instagram is taking the next logical step for eCommerce businesses to help them monetise on audience interest with a new tool - product reminder stickers and tags. The testing period was announced on October 1 for US brands.

This amazing tool will bring new experience to the audience by encouraging in-app shopping, bringing more opportunities for businesses and providing new catchy functionality for users. It will help to get out more from their Insta presence.

This new feature will remind people of the upcoming product launch they are waiting for, so they would be able to buy this product as soon as it becomes available directly in Instagram.

Product launch tag. A “Set Reminder” call to action would be available in posts and would allow users to set the exact reminder for the launch of their expected product with exact date and time. Also, they would be able to preview product details in Instagram. Users will get a reminder on their phones just ahead of the product appearance.

Product launch sticker. This new sticker will be available in Instagram Stories as well.

Nice complement for in-app eCommerce checkout. For now, those checkouts are available for some established brands and some groups of influencers, so this new additional tool will help to increase the engagement and build a “personalised mail” for everyone.

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