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diy photography Mar 10, 2020

Expectation control notice! With this article, we do not intend to enter into “how” since it's possible to dedicate a lot of lines of text to deepen into the art of photography, but we would like to talk about how easy it is to access quality photography today.

Do you know what it would cost us in the past to make something close to professional photos? We won’t go into details, so we are going to leave it at "much, much more than now". We would have needed 3 essential elements: a photographer, a camera and a studio (if that’s needed at all). The advancement of technology, the digitalization of the world and the proliferation of entrepreneurs who use the Internet as their mother base has had an incredible influence on the economy of scale of all photography-related products, making them most accessible than ever, and this is just the beginning.

A Camera? The phones of most of the readers of this Newsletter can take pictures of a quality more than enough to make it look professional. With that, we are already saving the cost of a camera.

A Photographer? Yes, being an expert takes time. The question is, how much do we need to know in order to get more than decent photos without having to invest our hard-earned money? Paying not to a professional photographer, but instead some attention to several elements that we are going to talk about next week, you can get incredible results. YouTube is an almost infinite source of free tips on how to improve our photos. A professional photographer can do a job of 10 out of 10, there is no doubt about it, but do we need a job of 10/10 when we can do a 7-8 out of 10 for free, by just dedicating some time?

Pro Studio? We can set up a studio in our own house in less than 30 minutes. We can get the equipment we may need and that could last us many years for less than 150 euros on Amazon. For example, there’s this very complete Kit available for 126 euros (we do not get a commission for this link). If you cannot afford it, you would be surprised at what 3 well-placed lamps are capable of. If you don't believe me, just ask YouTube. In addition, sunlight at the right time of the day and using the right angles can get amazing results and it’s available for free.

Basically, we are running out of excuses that could prevent us from taking quality photos of our products or services.




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