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full-funnel retargeting Oct 27, 2020

Do you offer services such as consulting, coaching, or digital products such as online programs, e-books, and the like? Whatever you sell, do you include or plan to include a Webinar as one of the steps in your funnel? If so, then this content is for you.

We have been talking for a long time about the Full Funnel Strategy and its importance to have our advertising campaigns optimized to the maximum. What is the essence of this strategy? To show the most relevant ads possible to people according to where they are inside our sales funnel.

Why is this so important? Because it simulates, as much as possible, a coherent human interaction, which can lead to a natural attraction process, instead of generating rejection for trying to force a sale too soon.

In other words, what good is it if somebody tries to sell us a 1000 euro product with a 500 euro discount if we don't even know if it's something we need?

The more expensive our product or service, the longer our funnel should be, and the more we need a "Full Funnel" approach. There is no better example to show this strategy in action than a Webinar. At first glance, it seems as simple as making an ad that leads to the Webinar, and then the Webinar already takes care of leading to a sale Landing Page.

What happens is that it is not the same trying to sell to a person who has not even registered for the Webinar (showing very little interest) compared to someone who has watched the Webinar to the end (showing a lot of interest).


We propose to classify all users who have shown more or less interest in the following categories:

  1. Have visited our website, but have not registered for the webinar
  2. Have registered for the Webinar, but have not attended the session
  3. Have attended the Webinar, but have not purchased
  4. Have purchased

The people in the third category have already shown that this is something that interests them, that's why they went so deep into the funnel. The reason they have not yet bought is not the same as the people from the first category, who we have not yet managed to interest sufficiently. The people in step 2 may have even missed out or been overloaded with life and did not have time to attend.

Each category requires special treatment. Obvious situations: there is no point in showing ads where we invite people who have already seen the Webinar to watch it, let alone use that same ad to sell another product. Not so obvious situations: showing the same ad to someone who has not signed up for the Webinar as to someone who has signed up but did not attend.

The mission of our ads should be to take the user to the next step to be taken within the funnel, not to jump from the first step to the final step immediately.

If you want to know more about this, we invite you to see the new video that Patrick has uploaded to his YouTube channel. You can access it by clicking here.



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