How to schedule posts on Instagram with Facebook Creator Studio

creator studio instagram Aug 06, 2019

It’s happening: now Page Admins can publish and schedule posts on Instagram and IGTV thanks to Facebook's Creator Studio app.

Facebook finally meets the demand of many Community Managers. Until now, it was necessary to go to third-party tools to program content on Instagram, but Facebook has just implemented the possibility of doing it natively, through Facebook Creator Studio.

To be able to program content on Instagram - and also on IGTV - through Facebook Creator Studio you only need to enter it, through Facebook (Note: You can't schedule Instagram Stories posts as yet) and "Connect Your Account".

How to schedule posts on Instagram from Creator Studio

  • For this, it is necessary to link the Instagram account -it must be a company profile- with Facebook Creator Studio. If it is not linked, doing so is as simple as accessing the credentials of the social network of photographs and allowing Facebook to access.
  • This will give all administrators of the Facebook Company Page access to the Instagram account administration, this aspect should not be left aside for security reasons. If it is not desired, it can be adjusted in the Page settings so that not everyone has access.
  • Once this is done, you just have to select «Create post», the button in the upper left corner of the screen and choose if you want to publish a new content in the Instagram feed or in IGTV.
  • Add your image and write your caption. You can add multiple images here, which is an element that many third-party tools are unable to facilitate. 
  • Choose “Schedule”, by clicking on the arrow on the right of the blue “Publish” button
  • Choose a date and time

Connecting your Instagram account to your Creator Studio will also give you access to insights and allow you to manage the different types of communications from your computer, like Direct Messages for example.

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