Set up your store on Facebook and Instagram

This article is, at the moment, for any company that sells physical products as we are talking about setting up an online store on Facebook and Instagram. Companies with digital products and services cannot yet benefit from these tools, but will in the near future.

In May of last year, we talked for the first time about the possibility of selling directly from Facebook and Instagram, and although the function of making payments from these platforms is not yet available (only in the USA), we can redirect interested users to a chat or directly to the product page on our website.

The setup is very quick and simple. So much so, that Facebook has created a 9-minute "course" where they teach you how to create the shop, customize it, and upload products. Click here to access the content. Considering the time investment required for this process and that we have nothing to lose, but quite the opposite, we recommend doing it.

Who will be able to get the most out of their shops on Facebook or Instagram? Businesses with a strong presence and community in those channels. If we normally say that using Facebook and Instagram ads doesn't require a lot of followers, this is something that does matter here as it conveys authority, trust, and the number of followers has a bigger impact on sales. 

Once the store is set up, what can we do to boost our sales? We propose two options:

  1. Promote our posts directly from the app to impact the maximum number of our followers as possible. Remember that only 10% of them will see the post organically if we do nothing about it.
  2. As we would do with our website, optimize page views with conversion campaigns with links to our company accounts. With this, we would not only be boosting sales but also increasing the number of followers.

For Facebook, there is a third option, which is to do engagement campaigns optimized to get likes. We do not recommend it since the format encourages us to leave a like to our Facebook page from the ad, without having to visit our profile. It is not worth it and we simply mention it so that you know why.

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