The Year of Augmented Reality 馃懢馃

If you read this article, you are probably doing it on March 9, 2020, the day you received the Newsletter. I ask you, have you seen everything that can be done already with augmented reality on Instagram? When was the last time you checked? The probability that there’s something new related to AR (augmented reality) is huge.

What's this all about? Well, if at this point of 2020 you have not yet jumped on the train of the AR to use it as an advertising tool for your business, you are wasting an incredible opportunity. Why? Because the human being is as he/she is and gets used to everything - everyone looked at the first car dumbfounded and stunned, now ... meh, a Lamborghini Aventador. Ok, the example of the Lamborghini is exaggerated, but what we have come to say is that it is crucial to take advantage of the novelty since this will always generate a greater impact on our audience. If we start using this futuristic technology next year, we will be late for the train and many people will be used to what’s totally new and mind-blowing today.

If you have already tried a bit of AR, it is very likely that you have done it because of the ‘insistence’ of Instagram, who makes it very easy and does not want something so new to be overlooked on its platform. What's more, if you've seen someone using an effect you liked, you can try it by clicking on it and pressing on ‘try it’.

Spark AR of Facebook is leading the litter of augmented reality allowing the interested and daring ones to create 3D effects or AR filters so that they can then be used later in, for example, Stories by more than 400 million users every month.

And you? Do you dare to create some effects or augmented reality filters for your business in Spark AR?


Subtly changing the subject - how many times have you read news from the Newsletter without playing the video that appears just below? Better late than never!

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