Why create your own ads?

mobile first Jan 26, 2021

Unless we started flirting with Digital Marketing just a few days ago, by now we will all have heard the concept of "Mobile First" as the vast majority of users browse the internet using their mobiles.

Mobile First is not only having the web optimized for mobile and making vertical ads but it's also creating videos directly with the mobile, without the need for professional equipment.

There is shocking data provided by Facebook. For example, Stories recorded with mobile are 63% more likely to achieve better results than professional Stories recorded in a studio. A whopping 63%! This data alone is the reason for today's Newsletter.

We are so used to seeing quality TV ads (even though we hardly ever watch them anymore), that it takes us milliseconds to detect that "they want to sell us something" and as a reflex, we ignore it to continue with our business.

The fact that it doesn't look professional is precisely what makes users spend more time on the ad since it could be a friend's post.

In addition, the savings in costs, time, and management involved in creating ads for oneself and by oneself instead of hiring a professional each time, is immense. Besides, it is a skill that is going to be needed more and more in the future. For those same reasons, the vast majority of our ads are done by ourselves.

Virtually the only more or less valid excuse left for not creating content we can use to promote our products or services is "but I don't know what to record for my business".

Every time we hear that we can't help but compare it to when someone thinks that for their business to have a chance in a competitive market, they have to create something completely new and revolutionary, when the reality is that 99% of the time what succeeds is something that somehow improves what is already being done.

Therefore, it is important to remember at all times that we are neither the first nor the only ones who want to record content for a business like ours. Depending on what we do, there may be thousands or hundreds of thousands of similar companies around the world that we can find online.

Based on all of the above, we propose to spend 15 to 30 minutes on a simple activity: find companies that are dedicated to the same thing as us or something similar (whether they are industry references or "second division teams") and start looking at their ads with the Facebook Ads Library tool.

The chances of us finding something we can replicate in our own way with our own cell phone without having to become professional videographers or hiring one are very close to 100%, and that's how everything begins.

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