10-Step National & International Scaling Plan

Patrick has created a new online Masterclass in which he teaches us 10 steps to scale up our business nationally and internationally with the help of advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

He explains this not on a theoretical basis, but on the practical case study of our AdsAccelerator training and tells us how he invested over 100,000 euros between January and April of this year and achieved a highly profitable cost per purchase.

The Masterclass is completely free and has been uploaded to Patrick's YouTube account, so you can watch it at your own convenience and pace. The points that Patrick plays during the recording are those that you will find in the following banners. To access the video, you can click on any of them.

Scaling our business is only possible and makes sense when we have already validated it and proven that it can survive in a competitive market.

If your business has already passed this validation phase and what you are looking for is to consolidate it by increasing your turnover beyond the one you currently have, you may be interested in the Mastermind with Patrick Wind and other entrepreneurs with businesses with an important digital presence. For more information, you can click here.



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