5 More Instagram Marketing Tips for New Business

Some time back, we wrote Five Instagram Marketing Tips for New Business. There we talked about:

  1. Create a great, killer, awesome Instagram profile
  2. Use Instagram Stories
  3. Run Contests
  4. Cobranding
  5. Use of Hashtags

We are now giving 5 more tips :)

1. Play with different types of content

Content is King. Try to create stories with your organic posts. Analyze more engaging content and insist on that. For analyzing you could use own Instagram Stats or external platforms. Combine video, pictures, carousels...

2. Organic vs. Ads

It is very important to keep Ad content away form organic. Even more, if you're on a Sales campaign, post it on organic but delete it when the promotion has ended.

Keep your brand as far as possible from discounts. Discounts are for special occasions or campaigns + potential costumers in a very low stage of the funnel (retargeting campaigns). If not users will get used to buy always with discount and that could carry several problems.

3. Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, Influencers have an important role in marketing. Find the Instagramers that suits better your brand and don't get crazy, it is a tough work. Personal recommendation: only pay them if they share with you their metrics in advance + analyze which is their type of followers, the % of engaged fans + % of "fake" followers. You could also ask for a "no win no fee" collaboration or a fee based on the % of sales.

4. Best time to post on Instagram

Analyze when your fans are on Instagram and post at that time.

You can use same Instagram Stats or external platforms.

5. Schedule your posts

Forget posting manually. You can create a Content calendar and schedule all your posts. Use external platforms such as Hootsuite.



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