FB changes to adapt to iOS14

ios 14 Jan 19, 2021

Just three weeks ago we explained in our Newsletter the changes that are coming due to Apple's new privacy policies with iOS14 (click here to access that article).

In short, once Apple's update is in place, when we first try to access Facebook or Instagram, we will get a notice, asking us whether we agree with Facebook collecting data about our activity within the app or not. This is not something that will only affect Facebook, but any app that collects our information.

The reason for today's newsletter is to let you know that, to adapt, Facebook plans to make changes in terms of conversion events and attribution windows, which will be limited and reduced.

For attribution windows, the following will no longer be available:

  • 28-day view
  • 7-day view
  • 28 days click

What does that mean? It means that if the purchase cycle of our product is one month (person sees/clicks on an ad today, but decides to buy next month), we will not know which ad/set of ads/campaign has generated that sale.

As soon as the changes are implemented, the default attribution window will be a 7-day click and 1-day view.

Recommendation #1: Download campaign historic data with 28 days of attribution since this information will not be accessible as conveniently as it is now. If you are using automated rules, adapt them to the new attribution window.

For conversion events, the limitation is that we will be able to use a maximum of 8 different conversion events per domain. This will not affect the vast majority of businesses since, for example, for eCommerce, the most important ones add up to 5 (PageView, ViewContent, AddToCart, InitiateCheckout, and Purchase) leaving room for 3 standard or customized events. Only businesses with long and complex funnels will be affected.

As soon as the changes are implemented, Facebook will automatically choose the 8 events that will remain available based on the most used ones in the last 28 days. If an ad set is optimizing to an event that will be outside of the 8, it will be automatically paused.

Recommendation #2: Consider which of the 8 conversion events you are going to work with since the 8 that Facebook will choose can be changed.

Recommendation #3: Validate our Domains in our Business Manager by following the steps indicated by Facebook in this article. This will ensure that we will not have any problems in the short and long term when creating conversion events.

We will explain more in detail these changes once they come into effect in our Ad Managers, so we recommend to stay tuned to the following Newsletters. Apple's policy update on iOS 14 operating systems is expected to occur throughout January.

Until then, we leave you links to Facebook resources in case you want to dive deeper into these changes:

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