Instagram IGTV Ads 馃摵

Remember how recently we commented in our Newsletter that Instagram got rid of the IGTV button and the low percentage of people who used this functionality and format? Well, Instagram seems to be far from giving up and is testing the implementation of ads on IGTV to be able to monetize it.

The question we ask ourselves in AdsAccelerator is - how do they intend to monetize a function that is not popular? If you look at what has been doing during the last years in the online panorama is offering a service of certain utility for free and to the widest possible audience. Once the audience has risen and the service has become popular and more or less irreplaceable - time to monetize with ads. It is a fully understandable business model since after all these companies are not an NGO ... but introducing ads in a service that hasn’t even taken off? The truth is that, right now, it does not seem a promising placement for our ads.

Of course, on Instagram, they know this perfectly and have a plan. What is that plan? Bring Influencers and Creators on board of IGTV, allowing them to monetize the content they create for the platform. This way, they hope to create a trend and bring to the party the millions of followers of those Influencers and Creators.

The current reality is that Instagram does not yet have a defined monetization plan and it remains to be seen if what they decide is going to be enough to convince the creators to use IGTV instead of a service as established and popular as YouTube, where they do have a clear, mature and interesting monetization system for those who make a living by creating content on the platform -a front between Facebook and Google, where Google is clearly winning at the moment.

In any case, here’s the thing – IGTV’s unpopularity can be used as an advantage for those who use it as a placement for their ads because if other advertisers won’t go there thinking it’s not good enough for them, the placement will be cheap enough as so try it out.




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