Facebook Is Making ThruPlay the Default Optimization for Video Views Campaigns

Uncategorized May 29, 2019

Facebook is making ThruPlay the default option for all video placements in Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Audience Network (including in-stream, Stories and News Feed).

The ThruPlay video option, launched in September, optimizes ad delivery to target users who are likely to watch the entire video or at least 15 seconds of longer videos. The 10-second delivery optimization option focused on users likely to watch ten seconds or more of a video.

Facebook wrote, “Making ThruPlay the default optimization for video views campaigns will help simplify our video ad buying options and better align our offerings with what advertisers value. Starting in May, we will begin a phased migration from 10-second video views to ThruPlay optimization. And starting July 31, we will pause existing campaigns that use 10-second video views optimization, so be sure to adjust any campaigns you're running using 10-second video views optimization to now use ThruPlay optimization”.

So take note and...

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How to spy on your Competitor’s Facebook Ads

The feature I'm going to talk about in this post is not new (was released a couple of months back). However, on daily conversations with E-Commerce Owners and marketers, I noticed the vast majority of them still don't know about this easy and free trick.

Since all the Cambridge Analytica scandal was uncovered, which had its decisive or critical point on March 2018, Facebook is working on being more transparent. That's one of the main reasons why the Info and Ads section was added on Facebook Fan pages. The era of "dark posts" is close.

Going straight to the point, if you want to spy on your competitor's Facebook Ads, go to their fan page and on the right side column, look at Page Transparency (normally the last one) -> See more.

By clicking "Ads From This Page" you will see the latest Ads of your competitor. 

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Discover the new “Ticketing on Facebook”, powered by Eventbrite

facebook May 22, 2019

Eventbrite and Facebook announced the launch of a new “Ticketing on Facebook” product that brings ticketing functionality to Facebook Events. Facebook users can now sell tickets to events “without ever leaving the app” with this functionality. The idea is that people will be able to buy tickets without being chucked out to a third-party site.

The new feature allows anyone with a Facebook page to “Create Tickets” when setting up an event, easily adding paid or free tickets to their event. Tickets will also be shown on the Facebook Event Page quite prominently, and users can buy tickets directly on Facebook, or register for free events as well.

700 million people use Facebook Events each month and partnering on this initiative is our effort to better serve the people responsible for bringing those events and gatherings to life—including small businesses and entrepreneurs whose core business is not throwing events”, said Pat Poels,...

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Clear history: the change in privacy that will impact Facebook ads

facebook facebook ads May 20, 2019

As it was announced more than a year ago, Facebook will launch in the months to come a new privacy feature called Clear History. This was a direct response to the repercussions generated after the Cambridge Analytica where the European authorities demanded a more intense focus on users data privacy.

The Clear History feature is designed to deliver more transparency for users, showing them a list of the apps and websites they have visited that employ Facebook business tools like the Facebook Pixel, SDK and API.

Impact on advertising

It is not clear yet when it will be released and how easy it will be for users to implement Clear History; so there are a lot of questions yet. Far from being an obstacle in the digital marketing world, this could be seen as an opportunity to design strategies more creative and innovative.

The feature itself will allow a stricter separation between the internet browsing and Facebook profiles for the users that choose so. In a blog post, the company...

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How Apple ITP2.1 will impact your digital marketing campaign

itp safari May 20, 2019

The latest development of Apple includes the latest version of Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) in the beta versions of its software. The launch has been announced on webkit.org and details the complete changes in ITP2.1. Apple says that these changes are driven by privacy, security and performance.

Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.1 (ITP2.1) limits the length of client side cookies to seven days. In short, this means a Safari user that visits your site today will be viewed as a new/separate user if they don’t directly interact with your site within the next seven days.

This latest version of ITP has very significant implications for web analysts, and everyone whose job involves implementing or maintaining digital analytics software should be aware of the changes.

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The 5 biggest announcements for marketers from Facebook’s F8

facebook May 16, 2019

During the Facebook F8 developer conference in San Jose, California, Facebook announced several updates to Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and Whatsapp. So in this article, I’ll run through five of Facebook’s major announcements for marketers:

1. Instagram Stories Create Mode and less prominent likes

Instagram has new camera features. The camera in Instagram Stories is getting an overhaul, making it easier to find and use some features. Create Mode will let you create an image for Stories that isn’t a photo or video. Now, it’ll be easy to just post a solid color background with text or GIFs over it. 


Instagram will test hiding the like count from photos and view count from videos in an effort to get users to pay attention to the content itself and not their associated engagement metrics. The account owner will still be able to access their own metrics and see the total likes or...

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Why you should forget about the German, French and UK market?


Are you a Spanish eCommerce who wants to finally sell internationally? But you don’t know which countries to enter?

Well then forget about your gut feelings and rather trust strong Facebook IQ data, based on over 1 billion daily active users.

Facebook just launched their NEW TOOL to analyze the Conversion, Cost & Competition Index of new Markets. This great tool - which is still in beta - shows strong evidence that these 3 popular markets should rather be avoided: Germany, France, UK!

All of them have high competition, low conversion rates and super high costs. On the contrary you should rather focus on one of these new rising markets with low competition, high conversion rates and lower costs than in Spain: Poland, Italy, India! 

You do not believe me? Well then check it out on your own the brand new Cross Border Insights Finder tool from the Facebook IG: https://crossborderinsightsfinder.com

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Facebook Audience Network: See where your ads appeared

audience network facebook Jan 31, 2019

Have you ever wondered where your brand is appearing when selecting the Audience Network, Instant Articles or In-Stream Videos?

Wouldn't you like to prevent your Ads from running next to certain types of content?

If you want, you can.

Basically you have follow the next steps:

  1. Access to the edition section of an Ad Set.
  2. Click on Chart (instead of edit / pencil icon ) and then on Placement.
  3. Just below the charts, you will find this new function.

Two things could happen after doing this 3 firsts steps:

  1. You download the excel and is empty
  2. The excel has what I was looking for

In both cases, go then to the "Edit" section of the Ad Set (pencil)

and apply or create a Block List (in case the excel was not empty)

You can also exclude categories as seen above this line.

Going back-> if your downloaded excel was empty, click on Create a block List.

You will access to the are where Block Lists are created + another chance to download the list of places where your ads could have...

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The Role of Facebook Ads in 2019


As many of your have already realized: The CPMs are drastically going up and up. So will Facebook Ads still be a profitable channel in the next months and years? 

Well, first of all one has do understand what is going on: 

On the one hand there are always more and more big companies like Unilver, Henkel or Johnson&Johnson who put their huge marketing budgets into Social Media. On the other hand the average Facebook user spends less and less time on Facebook. 

This is of course a terrible combination because the CPMs is determined by supply and demand, and there is consequently less supply for impressions (people spend less time on FB) but much more demand for it (big companies put their budget into it).

If this sound familiar to you and you want to know the solution to this dilema, then check out my 3min video in this blog! 

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Coming Soon: WhatsApp Ads!

new placements whatsapp Dec 03, 2018

Here is the WhatsApp timeline or main milestones:

  • A couple of years back, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for 22,000 million of US $!
  • Few months ago, Facebook announced they will sell a Business WhatsApp version.
  • At the beginning of August, rumors about WhatsApp Ads were already spread all over the internet.
  • This week, I must say the rumors are true. I say this according what is written in important Tech Media.

WhatsApp will start running Ads in 2019. There will be 2 main Ad Placements:

1. WhatsApp Status: according to Statista, WhatsApp status has over 450 millions users. This is huge! Instagram stories has 400 millions.

2. WhatsApp "Customer Service": a customer could contact a company just writing a WhatsApp message instead of calling.

Of course, all WhatsApp Ads will be managed using the Facebook algorithms and segmentations that so many good results brought to the company of Palo Alto.

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